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Zend Framework Study Guide

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Zend Framework Certification is designed to measure your expertise in both understanding the concepts, rules and code behind the framework.

Download Link:

Zend Framework Study Guide for Beginners



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>Write ASCII codes in Text Editors

Posted: May 25, 2011 in MISC


To write some charecters, letters or symbols which are not available in our keyboard, portable personal computers, notebooks, laptops, etc.. we can print using ASCII code.
Below is the example to print symbols.

1) Open your favourite Text Editor.

2) Press the “ALT KEY” in your keyboard and hold it, do not release the key.

3) In the numeric keypad type the numbers “131”, that correspond to the ASCII code for the character, letter or symbol “â” .

4) Release “ALT KEY” to Print ASCII Code.

Here is the link for detailed information


Now we can send SMS to our mobile numbers for free. Google has introduced service called Google SMS Channels. Using this service you can subscribe to news alerts, blog updates and other kinds of information like horoscopes, jokes, stocks or even cricket scores via SMS text messages.

Here  you can Subscribe to Service.

For more information Click Here.

>Using Eclips we can easily apply patch to drupal module.Below are the steps..

To apply patches to code using Eclipse:

1. Menu > windows > open perspective > others > team synchronizing
2. Open the patch file, select all text and copy it to clipboard (Ctrl+ C)
3. Menu > project > apply patch
4. Select clipboard, click next, select the file you want to patch, click finish or next to setup patching options.

>Free Download Ebook

Posted: May 7, 2011 in General


Here is the good URL for downloading free ebooks


Here are the 28 new features coming with HTML5.Presently Chrome, IE9 and Firefox4 supporting HTML5.

  • New Doctype
  • The Figure Element
  • Redefined
  • No More Types for Scripts and Links
  • To Quote or Not to Quote.
  • Make your Content Editable
  • Email Inputs
  • Placeholders
  • Local Storage
  • The Semantic Header and Footer
  • More HTML5 Form Features
  • Internet Explorer and HTML5
  • hgroup
  • Required Attribute
  • Autofocus Attribute
  • Audio Support
  • Video Support
  • Preload Videos
  • Display Controls
  • Regular Expressions
  • Detect Support for Attributes
  • Mark Element
  • When to Use a
  • What to Immediately Begin Using
  • What is Not HTML5
  • The Data Attribute
  • The Output Element
  • Create Sliders with the Range Input

Please  click here to know detail information.

Good Video for HTML5 beginners